Sheep’s_Clothing by Josi Kilpack

Title: Sheep’s_Clothing

Author: Josi Kilpack

Publisher: Deseret Book

Release Date: May 2, 2007

ISBN: 978-1590387467

Size: 6×9; 320 pages

Genre: Suspense

Six children keep Kate and Brad Thompson busy all day, every day. Between work, school, and church activities there isn’t much time for anything else. Having baby number seven might disrupt the family routine, but Kate isn’t worried about that. She is worried, however, about her oldest daughter, Jess, who has been more secretive of late. More distant. Kate’s hopes it’s just a phase. Fifteen is a tricky age, after all.

For Jess, being fifteen isn’t just tricky, sometimes it feels downright impossible. Between baby-sitting all the time, hating the gymnastics class Mom won’t let her quit, and trying to hold onto her best friend now that high school is pulling them in different directions, Jess feels totally overwhelmed, continually misunderstood, and completely alone. Until she meets Emily online.

Emily listens, understands, and gives Jess confidence. Best of all, Emily introduces Jess to her cousin, Colt. Jess can’t date yet, but she and Colt can send long, personal e-mails to each other and he understands her better than anyone else in her life

However, when Jess disappears it only takes one e-mail for everyone in the Thompson family to discover that when it comes to the Internet, things aren’t always what they seem. . . .

2 thoughts on “Sheep’s_Clothing by Josi Kilpack”

  1. I really liked this book. It is a very timely topic, handled with care but not pulling any punches. There were a few weak places, but overall it was well written. I had my teenage daughter read it when I was done because I think the message is so important. IMO, if your children have access to the Internet, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK. If those children are over the age of 12, THEY NEED TO READ THIS BOOK.

  2. I agree that there were some weak places but overall I liked it and have shared my copy with people.

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