Let’s Have Some Fun

I’ve worked way too many hours this month and I’m tired. If I had any sense, I’d be taking a nap right now. But my kids are watching Antique Roadshow and if I sit in the same room with them, they think we’re sharing the experience. So…here I am, trying not to fall face first into my keyboard.

I know, let’s do something fun. How about a CONTEST? (I love contests like these because you do all the work and I have all the fun.)

Below are three writing prompts. (Thanks G. Ellen at LDS Writers Blogck for the idea and rakrose for the link to Writers Digest, where I kifed these prompts. Since they’re publicly posted and I’m not making any money off this and I’ve given them full credit, I think this is legal.)

Pick a prompt below and write 50 to 100 words on the topic. Then e-mail it to me. You can submit to one prompt or to all three, but only one submission per prompt, and send each submission in a separate e-mail. I’ll post all submissions, make comments, and select a 1st place with two runners up for each prompt, and an overall grand prize winner. Prizes will be bragging rights and you can link back to the post where I pronounce you winner.

Unlike other e-mailed questions, I won’t be changing any names on this one. So if you want to be anonymous, don’t put your real name in the message.

Prompt 1:
You’ve invented a new soft drink that not only tastes great, but also improves a person’s ability to [fill in the blank]. Write an advertisement for your new soda.

Prompt 2:
Create a national observation day (e.g. Talk Like a Pirate Day). Include the origins and any special rituals of your day.

Prompt 3:
Two characters meet at a church barbeque.* Write about their meeting without using any dialogue. Now write the same scene using dialogue only.

Let’s see…you’ve got until next Friday, June 2, 2006, to submit. Ready–Set–Go!

*the original prompt had them meeting at a bar, but I changed it since I’m sure none of us have ever been inside a bar. I know I haven’t. Really. No honest, I’ve only seen them on TV…)

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  1. Wow…I’m so flattered!! thanks! 😉 I’ll have to see what I can come up with now…

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