Scapegoat by Dean Hale

Title: Scapegoat: The Story of a Goat Named Oat and a Chewed-Up Coat

Author: Dean Hale

Illustrator: Michael Slack

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books

Release Date: June 21, 2011

ISBN: 978-1599904689

Size: 32 pages, 9×11, hardcover

Genre: Picture Book

This book is not eligible for a Whitney Award.

In the Choat family, you never have to look hard to find a culprit. Missing TV remote? Blame the goat! Lost coat? Keys in the moat? Broken boat? Blame the goat!

But don’t be surprised if the goat doesn’t take it lying down. In this hilarious, rhyme-happy picture book, children will love to pore over the funny illustrations, picking up clues that all is not as it seems between Jimmy Choat and the goat, Petunia P. Oat. Because Petunia knows who’s really to blame, and before long the whole family will too!

Eliza’s Field of Faith by Rachelle Pace Castor

Title: Eliza’s Field of Faith

Author: Rachelle Pace Castor

Illustrator: Dixon Leavitt

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: August?

ISBN: 978-1-59811-658-8

Size: 32 pages, 8.5×11, hardcover

Genre: Picture Book

“When the prophet calls, it is as if God is calling. And I’m not about to tell God no.”

Three years is a long time, but that is how long Papa would be away on the Lord’s errand. Now it is up to Eliza and the rest of her family to make sure the wheat is planted in time to reap a good harvest. But because Papa is gone this year, everyone else in Dry Creek has seedlings sprouting before Eliza’s family is able to get their crop in the ground. Will harvest time bring abundance or yet another hungry season?

A beautifully illustrated tale based on a true story, Eliza’s Field of Faith shows how miracles sometimes happen in unexpected ways.

Pingo by Brandon Mull & Brandon Dorman

Title: Pingo

Author: Brandon Mull

Illustrator: Brandon Dorman

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: August 5, 2009

ISBN: 978-1606411094

Size: 32 pages, hardcover

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

What happens when your imaginary friend becomes your imaginary enemy? New York Times bestselling author Brandon Mull and No.1 New York Times bestselling illustrator Brandon Dorman team up in this new children s picture book that explores the meaning of friendship and imagination.

Like many kids his age, Chad has an imaginary friend. His friend was Pingo. The two would fight ninjas, brew magical potions, and float in zero gravity. Each day was a fun-filled adventure, until Chad decided he was too old to have an imaginary friend. But Pingo wasn’t ready to leave Chad alone, and started tormenting him and causing all kinds of mischief. Can this once inseparable duo ever be friends again? Paired with charming illustrations, Pingo is a delightful read-out-loud picture book for children ages 3 and up.

The Legend of the Kukui Nut by Robert Brandon Henderson; illus. Mark McKenna

Title: The Legend of the Kukui Nut

Author: Robert Brandon Henderson

Illustrator: Mark McKenna

Publisher: Cedar Fort

Release Date: August, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59955-119-7

Size: 32 pages, 8×9, Hardcover

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Every child on the island of Lani knows that one day he or she will be chosen by Chief Makua to take the test of courage and faith and make the journey to the dark island of Honua and back – without losing the way.

When Melika’s turn comes, she is given a lamp and a bag of kukui nuts to light her way as she travels. The road is difficult, but with the oil from the kukui nuts, the lamp will always stay lit.

For Melika, the real trial will come when she has to choose between using the nuts for herself or using them to help others. Will Melika ever make it back to Lani if she gives all her kukui nuts away?

Join Melika as she strives to find her way from Honua back to her beloved home of Lani, and back to the safety of her family and Chief Makua. A Hawaiian parable, The Legend of the Kukui Nut teaches us that it is only through service that we can find our way back to our Father.

The Apple Trees of Tschlin by G.M. Kearney; illus. Rebecca Miller

Title: The Apple Trees of Tschlin

Author: G.M. Kearney

Illustrator: Rebecca Miller

Publisher: Cedar Fort

Release Date: August, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59955-098-5

Size: 32 pages, 9×10, hardcover

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Picture books are not eligible for Whitney awards.

Once there was a tiny kingdom called Tschlin. The people of this beautiful kingdom were happy, but its king and queen were not. Although they loved their three daughters, the law required that the heir to the throne be a man. The good king and queen simply didn’t know what to do – until one day, when an unlikely solution appeared at their door.

A story of virtue in a world that glamorizes vice, The Apple Trees of Tschlin is a beautiful tale of three young princesses, the choices they face, and the happiness that awaits the one who chooses the right.

The Littlest Nephite by Bevan Olsen

Title: The Littlest Nephite

Author: Bevan Olsen

Publisher: Cedar Fort

Release Date: April, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59955-087-9

Size: 16 pages, 11″ x 9″ Hardcover

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Join the Littlest Nephite in this delightful adventure of following Nephi and his brothers Laman and Lemuel as they obtain the brass plates from the wicked Laban.

Cleverly written by Bevan Olsen and beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Miller, The Littlest Nephite will increase your child’s understanding of the Book of Mormon and open his heart to its truthfulness.

This book is not eligible for a Whitney Award.

Mom Says I Can by Judy Cooley

Title: Mom Says I Can

Author: Judy Cooley

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: April 2, 2008

ISBN: 978-1590388723

Size: 10×9, 32 pages

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Here’s the story of little Max and his search for the “World’s Greatest Treasure.” He begins as a pirate with a treasure map. On another page he’s a spaceman. Along his journey, whether he’s a cowboy or the king of the jungle or a knight in shining armor, Max hears encouraging words like: “Mom says I’m so amazing.” “Mom says I’m brave.” “Mom says I’m her hero.” At the end of the day, Mom gives Max a big hug. “Mom says she loves me.” That’s when he discovers that the “World’s Greatest Treasure” has been next to him all the time.

This book is not eligible for a Whitney Award.

The Unvalentine by Sam Beeson and Jesse Draper (Illus)

Title: The Unvalentine*

Author: Sam Beeson

Illustrator: Jesse Draper

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: January 8 2008

ISBN: 978-1590388433

Size: 6×7; 32 pages

Genre: Children’s picture book, Teens & Adults

“Exactly mid-way through the frigid month of February A day is celebrated by the dumb and ordinary. And all around me, notes are passed by idiots and stupids– Packed tight with sugar-mottoed hearts and naked pudgy cupids. This ritual, conducted under heart-shaped, crimson flag, Does absolutely nothing for me, but to make me gag!”

This tongue-in-cheek, rhymed story is a hilarious gift for young single adults. Features UnValentine cards in the back of the book!

This book is not eligible for a Whitney Award.

Chase McKay Didn’t Get Up Today by Cindy R. Williams

Title: Chase McKay Didn’t Get Up Today

Author: Cindy R. Williams

Illustrator: Donald Jenny

Publisher: Goodfellow Publishing Services

Release Date: February 1, 2008

ISBN: 978-0981581408

Size: 56 pages, softcover

Genre: Picture Book

Chase McKay would not get up,
so Mama made his bed.
She straightened the covers and pulled them,
right over his head.
Chase McKay cannot play,
He didn’t get out of bed today.