The Legend of the Kukui Nut by Robert Brandon Henderson; illus. Mark McKenna

Title: The Legend of the Kukui Nut

Author: Robert Brandon Henderson

Illustrator: Mark McKenna

Publisher: Cedar Fort

Release Date: August, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59955-119-7

Size: 32 pages, 8×9, Hardcover

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Every child on the island of Lani knows that one day he or she will be chosen by Chief Makua to take the test of courage and faith and make the journey to the dark island of Honua and back – without losing the way.

When Melika’s turn comes, she is given a lamp and a bag of kukui nuts to light her way as she travels. The road is difficult, but with the oil from the kukui nuts, the lamp will always stay lit.

For Melika, the real trial will come when she has to choose between using the nuts for herself or using them to help others. Will Melika ever make it back to Lani if she gives all her kukui nuts away?

Join Melika as she strives to find her way from Honua back to her beloved home of Lani, and back to the safety of her family and Chief Makua. A Hawaiian parable, The Legend of the Kukui Nut teaches us that it is only through service that we can find our way back to our Father.