Summer Book Trek Wrap Up

And…it’s done! The 2012 Summer Book Trek is over. A GINORMOUS thank you to all participants and sponsors!

Here are a few short stats:

  • Number of Entries to Win = 1717
  • Number of Books Read =147
  • Number of Books Nominated for Whitney Award = 35
  • Number of Prizes Given Away = 45, so far…


There were four extra prizes that are now up for grabs. They are:

  • Become (ebook) – Ali Cross
  • The Haunted (ebook) – Michaelbrent Collings
  • No Going Back (print or ebook) – Jonathan Langford
  • Wasatch (print or ebook) – Douglas Thayer

I’m grouping them all together so ONE WINNER will get all four books!  This is open to ANYONE (not just Summer Book Trek participants).

The Winner: Kate P



Winners from the Last Week of Summer Book Trek

The final week of the 2012 Summer Book Trek came and went and I forgot to do a post about it due to the Labor Day holiday. So…

Last week’s lucky winners were:

August 27:

  • Cathy J (1583) — On the Road to Heaven
  • Susan J (1148) —Become

August 28:

  • Tarrah (1619) —Desolate
  • Caterpillar (1608) —Desolate

August 29:

  • Elizabeth J (1660) —Rift
  • Emily D (1135) —Nightingale

August 30:

  • Tara C (792) —The Tree House
  • * (1164) —This winner opted out.*

August 31:

  • Suan W (1191) —Wolfhound
  • Shauna W (1707) —Death of a Disco Dancer


Total Points earned last week were 165; 13 books read; 2 Whitney nominations.

Books Read as of August 31st:

  1. Beauty and the Beast – Jenni James
  2. Beyond Summer Dreams – Jennie L. Hansen
  3. Code Word – Traci Hunter Abramson (2)
  4. Crossed – Ally Condie
  5. Deadly Undertakings – Gregg Luke
  6. First Love, Second Chances – Anita Stansfield
  7. Key Lime Pie – Josi S. Kilpack
  8. Midnight in Austenland – Shannon Hale
  9. Open Fire, J. Golden Kimball Takes on the South – Scott M. Hurst
  10. Table for Two – Sheryl Johnson
  11. Trails of the Heart – Sierra St. James (Janette Rallison)
  12. Twitterpated – Melanie Jacobson


Nominated for Whitney Award:

  1. Deadly Undertakings – Gregg Luke
  2. Family by Design – Heather Justesen

*see next post with the SBT Wrap-Up.

SBT12 Home Stretch!

We only have 5 more days of the Summer Book Trek (counting today).

And YES, you can  still SIGN UP and be eligible for PRIZES!


Last week’s lucky winners were:

August 20:

  • Emily F (1334) — Change of Heart
  • Cathy J (1257) — Dead Running

August 21:

  • Teresa O (1400) — Hunting Gideon
  • Melynie M (1372) — Illuminations of the Heart

August 22:

  • Shelly B (855) — still deciding
  • Jennie H (1417) — Hidden in the Heart

August 23:

  • Megan R (1425) — Gifted
  • Shauna W (1298) — Souls in Peril

August 24:

  • Melissa N (1546) — Sylvia, Come Home
  • Brooke B (972) — Kindred Spirits


Total Points earned last week were 190. Guess everyone was busy with the back to school routines. We read 20 books and nominated 4 Whitneys.

Let’s give it one last big push and see if we can beat our best week, which was 450 points, 38 books, and 8 Whitney nominations.

Books Read as of August 26th:

  1. Albrek’s Tomb
  2. Candy Shop War, The
  3. Clockwork Three, The
  4. Code Red
  5. Countdown to Love
  6. Dead Running
  7. Deadly Undertakings
  8. First Love and Forever
  9. First Love, Second Chances
  10. Horn of Moran, The
  11. Murder By the Way
  12. My Loving Vigil Keeping (2)
  13. Northanger Alibi
  14. Outer Edge of Heaven, The
  15. Palace of Stone
  16. Pride and Popularity
  17. Princess of Glass
  18. Slathbog’s Gold
  19. Table for Two


Whitneys Nominated

  1. Deadly Undertakings
  2. Family By Design
  3. My Loving Vigil Keeping
  4. Table for Two

Starting Week 4 of SBT12!

Here we go into week 4 of the Summer Book Trek. I am having so much fun seeing all the books we’re reading! Woot-woot!

To answer just a few questions:

  • YES! All prizes will be given away! If there are leftovers at the end of the month, I’ll do random drawings until they’re done.
  • That (#) by the winners’ names indicates the random number that was chosen as the winner using


And now for last week’s lucky winners…

August 13:

  • Elizabeth J. (925) — My Forever
  • Brooke B (559) — Long After Dark

August 14:

  • Shelly B. (1127) — Dispirited
  • Caterpillar (491) — **Send me your choice ASAP!**

August 15:

  • Melynie M. (950) — Dangerous Favor
  • Karlene B. (971) — Billy: Messenger of Powers

August 16:

  • Melissa N. (1177) — The Guy Next Door
  • Susan J. (1157) — Millstone City

August 17:

  • Elizabeth J. (1124) — Hidden in the Heart
  • Shauna W. (921) — Daughters of Jared

*Yes, Elizabeth J. won twice last week! Lucky woman!


We earned 450 points last week, for a total of 1,384; read 38 books; nominated 7 books for Whitney Awards.*

Books Read as of August 19, 2012

  1. Carribbean Crossroads – Connie E. Sokol
  2. Chimney Sweep Charm, The – Marcia Lynn McClure
  3. Code Word – Traci Hunter Abramson
  4. Cold Justice – Kathi Oram Peterson
  5. Edenbrooke – Julianne Donaldson
  6. Everneath – Brodi Ashton
  7. Faith, Hope and Gravity – Merrill Osmond & Shirley Bahlmann
  8. Farewell to Charms – Lindsey Leavitt
  9. Fire of the Covenant – Gerald N. Lund
  10. Gift, The – ??
  11. Guardians of the Hidden Scepter – Frank Cole
  12. Hatter – Daniel Coleman
  13. Heirs of Southbridge, The – Jennie Hansen
  14. High Country – Jennie Hansen
  15. If I Should Die – Jennie Hansen
  16. Jacob’s Journal of Doom – Kenneth Pike & Isaac Stewart
  17. Journey of Promise – JoAnn Arnold
  18. Left to Love – Jolene Perry
  19. Lost Curse, The – T. Lynn Adams
  20. Loyalty’s Webb – Joyce DiPastena
  21. Michael Vey – Richard Paul Evans
  22. My Loving Vigil Keeping – Carla Kelly
  23. Not Your Average Fairy Tale – Chantele Sedgwick
  24. Of Grace and Chocolate – Krista Lynne Jensen (2)
  25. Out of Nowhere – ??
  26. Outer Edge of Heaven, The – Jaclyn Hawkes (2)
  27. Prince Tennyson – Jenni James
  28. Princess of the Midnight Ball – Jessica Day George
  29. Reality Check – Karen Tuft
  30. Regally Blonde – Heather Horrocks
  31. River Path, The – Jennie Hansen
  32. Some Sweet Day – Jennie Hansen
  33. Tangled Hearts – Roseanne Evans
  34. Twitterpated – Melanie Jacobson (2)
  35. Undercurrents – Traci Hunter Abramson
  36. Unearthed – Lara Stauffer
  37. When Hearts Meet – Anita Stansfield
  38. Within These Hills – ??


Nominated for Whitneys

  1. Becoming Bayley – Susan Auten
  2. Code Word – Traci Hunter Abramson
  3. Left to Love – Jolene Perry
  4. Out of Nowhere – ??
  5. River Path, The – Jennie Hansen (2000, doesn’t qualify for Whitney)*
  6. Savage Grace – Bree Despain
  7. Twitterpated – Melanie Jacobson

*Remember, to be eligible for a Whitney award, a novel must be published in the current year.

More SBT Winners & Updates

Our next batch of Summer Book Trek Winners are listed below. (Click here to see previous winners.) All winners have been emailed. Most have already responded. You can see which books have been chosen and which are still up for grabs, here.

August 7:

  • Emily F. (189) — The Kissing Tree
  • Cindy W (11) — Table for Two

August 8:

  • Tarrah (337) — The Next Door Boys
  • Taffy (104) — Tres Leches Cupcakes

August 9:

  • Jennie H (618) — Tangled Hearts
  • Kate P (534) — Loyalty’s Web

August 10:

  • Cathy J (683)—Left to Love
  • Stephanie W (530)—Abish


And since the last report, we’ve had 6 more people join, for a total of 23. We’ve now earned 410 additional points, for a total of 934, and picked 8 more winners. This is pretty awesome!

The lists below are books we’ve read and/or nominated for Whitneys between 8/8 & 8/12.

Books Read as of August 12, 2012

  1. Alcatraz vs the Shattered Lens — Brandon Sanderson
  2. Caller ID — Rachelle Christensen
  3. Choosing Charity (3) — Terri Ferran
  4. Code Word – Traci Hunter Abramson
  5. Daughters of Jared — H.B. Moore
  6. Dangerous Favor — Joyce DiPastena
  7. Dead Running – Cami Checketts
  8. Dragon Flight — Jessica Day George
  9. Edenbrooke – Julianne Donaldson
  10. Family by Design — Heather Justesen
  11. Finding Faith (2) — Terri Ferran
  12. Freshman for President —Ally Condie
  13. Heirs of Southbridge, The — Jennie Hansen
  14. Hidden in the Heart (2) — Roseanne Wilkins
  15. Icefall — Matthew Kirby
  16. Infinity Ring, The — James Dashner (how did you get a copy??? Won’t even be released until 8/28)
  17. Jacob’s Journal of Doom – Kenneth Pike & Isaac Stewart
  18. Journey of Honor — Jaclyn M Hawkes
  19. List, The — Melanie Jacobson
  20. Most Important Catch, The — Jaclyn M Hawkes
  21. Next Door Boys, The—Jolene B Perry
  22. No Angel — Theresa Sneed
  23. Of Grace and Chocolate — Krista Lynne Jensen
  24. Princess Academy — Shannon Hale
  25. Reality Check – Karen Tuft
  26. Rent Collector, The — Camron Wright (again, not available yet!)
  27. Royal Secrets – Traci Hunter Abramson
  28. Run Away Home — Jennie Hansen
  29. Secret Sisters — Tristi Pinkston
  30. Servant of  a Dark God — John Brown
  31. Shudder — Jennie Hansen
  32. Table for Two – Sheryl Johnson
  33. Turning Pages — Tristi Pinkston
  34. Whispering (??)


Nominated for Whitneys

  1. Edenbrooke – Julianne Donaldson
  2. Friends and Foes – Sarah Eden
  3. Funeral Potatoes — Joni Hilton
  4. Next Door Boys, The (2) — Jolene B Perry
  5. Precious Cargo — Jean Holbrook Matthews
  6. Rent Collector, The — Camron Wright
  7. Turning Pages — Tristi Pinkston
  8. Twitterpated — Melanie Jacobson


SBT12 Reads

We’re a week into the Summer Book Trek and I thought you might be interested in a run-down of how it’s going.

(No! It’s not too late to enter the reading challenge!)

We have 17 readers signed up as participants. (Although some of their links aren’t working right. If your link is one, please fix it.)

Altogether as of last night, we’ve read 37 books. That’s approximately 2.17 books each (although in reality, there are a couple who are reading like gangbusters and putting the rest of us to shame).

We’ve racked up a total of 524 points and notified 12 winners! Yay!

Now, if you do the math, you’ll realize that 17 people / 52 prizes up for grabs – 12 prizes already given away = gobs more chances to win free books!

So if you haven’t joined the Summer Book Trek yet, DO IT NOW!

I also thought you might be interested in seeing a list of titles read and/or nominated for a Whitney Award thus far.

Books Read as of August 7, 2012

  1. Albrek’s Tomb — M.L. Forman
  2. Alcatraz vs the Shattered Lens — Brandon Sanderson
  3. Caller ID — Rachelle Christensen
  4. Change of Heart (2) — Roseanne Evans Wilkins
  5. Code Word – Traci Hunter Abramson
  6. Devil’s Food Cake – Josi S. Kilpack (2)
  7. Dead Running – Cami Checketts
  8. Divinely Designed — Rachael Renee Anderson
  9. Endlessly – Kiersten White
  10. Farewell to Charms, A — Lindsey Leavitt
  11. Golden Crown, The (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger
  12. Hatter — Daniel Coleman
  13. Hidden Branch – GG Vandergriff
  14. Hollow City, The – Dan Wells
  15. Janitors – Tyler Whitesides
  16. Kingdoms & Conquerors (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger
  17. Kiss of a Stranger, The – Sarah M Eden
  18. Luck of the Draw — Rachael Renee Anderson
  19. Northanger Alibi – Jenni James
  20. Of Grace & Chocolate — Krista Lynne Jensen
  21. Paige – Annette Lyon
  22. Princess Academy — Shannon Hale
  23. Most Important Catch, The – Jaclyn M Hawkes
  24. Murder by the Way – Betsy Brannon Green
  25. Sacred Quest, The (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger
  26. Secrets After Dark –Marie Higgins
  27. Spellweaver – Lynn Kurland
  28. Tower of Thunder (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger
  29. Twitterpated – Melanie Jacobson (6)
  30. Untethered – Marcia Lynn McClure
  31. Warriors of Cumorah (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger

*Note to participants: It’s easy points if you rate & comment on the the books as you finish them!


Nominated for Whitneys

  1. Becoming Bayley – Susan Auten
  2. Big In Japan – Jennifer Griffith
  3. Dead Running – Cami Checketts
  4. Edenbrooke – Julianne Donaldson
  5. Endlessly – Kiersten White
  6. False Prince, The – Jennifer A. Nielsen
  7. Friends & Foes – Sarah Eden
  8. Hollow City, The – Dan Wells
  9. Jacob’s Journal of Doom – Kenneth Pike & Isaac Stewart
  10. Murder by the Way – Betsy Brannon Green
  11. Reality Check – Karen Tuft
  12. Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders) – Brandon Mull
  13. Table for Two – Sheryl Johnson

SBT12 Winners

I’ve listed the first batch of Summer Book Trek Winners below. Some of them have already sent me their prize requests. Still waiting to hear from others.

If you are a winner, I will send notification to the email address you registered with when you entered your points. Be sure to check that daily as we’ll have two winners every day, Monday through Friday!


To answer a few questions:

Yes! You may still enter the reading challenge any time this month.

Yes! Authors may still donate prizes any time this month.

Yes! Authors may participate as readers.

Yes! It is possible to win more than one prize, so keep reading and entering your points.

Keep track of your own reading. The only place I need to know what you’ve read is when you enter your points for it. If you want to blog reviews (and I definitely think you should) go ahead and do that on your blog.

Aug. 1:

  • Suan W (32)
  • ~T~ (158) — Become (print)

Aug 2:

  • Caterpillar (74) — Hooligan
  • Megan (100) — Twitterpated

Aug 3:

  • Emily D (123) — Not Your Average Fairy Tale
  • Shauna W (217) — Ribbon of Darkness

Aug 6:

  • Melissa (255) — The Heirs of Southbridge
  • Tara (84) — Dispensation



*Winners were chosen using

August 2012 Prize Sponsors

Last month’s prize winners
announced HERE.

This month, we’re doing something different.

The Summer Book Trek prizes will take the place of the usual monthly prize sponsors.

We have 40 books—print & ebooks—and counting!

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to enter to win.

1. Sign Up Here

2. Earn Points for Prizes Here

3. Oh, wait! There is no #3. See? Super Easy.

And if you’re an author or publisher:

Sponsor the Book Trek Here


Prizes will be given away daily. The first two have already been notified via email. As soon as they select their prize, I’ll announce it.

In September, we’ll go back to a monthly prize.

Summer Book Trek Prizes

The books pictured below are prizes for the 2012 Summer Book Trek Reading Challenge. (Lots more coming soon!)

Pssst! You get 18 POINTS if you read one of these books!

Scroll down below the book images to read the what & how of winning these books.

Susan J Shelly B Megan R Jennie


Elizabeth J &
Emily F Megan R Shauna W


Your Choice Tara C Tara C Caterpillar


Shauna W Cathy J Tarrah Elizabeth J


Elizabeth J Emily F Shauna W Kate P


Melynie M Melynie M Cathy J Brooke B


Karlene B eBook* ~T~ Your Choice*


Taffy L Emily D Melissa N Shelly B


Cathy J Shauna W Susan J Suan W


eBook #2 Tarrah M ~T~ ~T~


Cindy W Suan W Emily D Stephanie W


Allan O Melissa N Brooke Melissa


Your Book Here Your Book Here Your Book Here Your Book Here


  • Winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email. Odds of winning dependent upon number of prizes and entries. It is possible that someone could win multiple prizes.
  • Winner may choose their prize. Prizes are labeled by the format of the book (Print, eBook, or Your Choice). Once a prize has been claimed, the winner’s name will replace the label.
  • Additional book prizes will be added throughout the reading challenge.
  • Sponsors have the option to send prizes as they are awarded or to ship prizes at the end of the challenge.
  •  Winners have one week after the close of the reading challenge to send me their mailing information. Challenge ends on August 31, 2012.



  • “Print” = a printed book; may be paperback or hardback. Available only to winners with a U.S. shipping address.
  • “eBook” = a digital ebook that will be emailed to the winner.
  • “Your Choice” = sponsor will provide a printed book (U.S. shipping address only) or an eBook. Winner’s choice.
  • To find out more about a title, click the image. It will take you to an online store where you may read more about the book.


*Click here for full list plus special notes about some books.

Want to be a sponsor? Click here for details.

Be a Summer Book Trek Sponsor

There are some special rules for 2012 Summer Book Trek Sponsorship.

  • Books for prizes MUST be authored or co-authored by an LDS author.
  • Books MUST be fiction.
  • Book prize may be either print or ebook.
  • You may sponsor with as many books as you want.
  • Books may be published by a traditional publisher or self-published.
  • Book must be currently available for purchase online.
  • Sponsor will ship or email the prize straight to the winner. Print books will be shipped to U.S. addresses only; ebooks will be emailed worldwide.

 YES! Sponsors may participate as readers in SBT12. Please sign up!

Sponsor provides one or more prize(s) in the form of one print copy or one digital ebook copy of their book to be shipped at sponsor’s expense to a prize winner selected by LDS Publisher.

  • Sponsor receives the cover of their book posted here with a link to where the book may be purchased online.
  • Sponsoring book covers are posted in the order that I receive the request for sponsorship, with first books at the top and later books at the bottom of the post. (Although if there are a lot from one source, I may spread them out a bit.) There will be no sidebar images or author bios included.
  • SBT12 participants get DOUBLE POINTS if they read one of your books!
  • Prizes will be awarded regularly throughout the reading challenge.
  • Winners will have up to one week after the close of the challenge to send me their mailing information. I will forward this information to sponsors via email. Please keep this information private.
  • Sponsors should ship books to the winner in a timely manner.
  • Sponsors may also participate in the reading challenge and are eligible to win prizes.

 No! It’s not to late! Accepting Sponsors through the end of August.

Sponsor Request E-mail:

Please include the following information in your sponsor request email.

  • Book Title and Author Name
  • Format of prize (print, ebook, or winner’s choice)
  • Link to image of book cover
  • Link to where book may be purchased online

2012 Summer Book Trek

Welcome to 2012 Summer Book Trek!

Look at that artwork?

<——— Isn’t it cute?? (And guys, don’t feel left out. I have buttons for boys, too!)

Who: Calling all fiction readers!!! (If you’re under 18, you have to have your parent’s permission.) You do not have to be LDS to participate.

What: A summer reading challenge! Read books by LDS authors. (Need ideas? See the list in the sidebar or hover over the LDS Fiction tab at the top.)

Set your goals and track your progress. No goal is too small; no ambition too great. Feeling overwhelmed? Make a short list. Finish early? Add more books (or not). Change your mind on a title? Drop it. No pressure, no minimums. Make changes to your list as desired.

Earn points throughout the month. More points = more chances to win books!

When: August 2012

Where: The blogosphere.

How: Three Easy Steps.

1. Post your reading list on your blog*.
Use one of our SBT2012 buttons in your post and/or on your sidebar. Link back here so your friends will come play too. (Use this URL in your link:

2. Join up using the Simply Linked form below.
This lets everyone know you’re playing along. Join anytime between now and August 25th. Put your name in the Link Title field. Include your email address so I can contact you if you win a prize. Link to your reading list.
NOT this:

3. Rack up the points to win prizes!
Use the Rafflecopter form HERE to collect points throughout the entire month of August. (Start adding up points now!)

Why: We need a reason to read?!? Says who???

Prizes: Prizes will be books (print and/or ebooks) provided by LDS authors, their publishers, or others. Prizes will be shipped/emailed to the winners by the sponsor. Some prizes may be limited to U.S. addresses, depending on the sponsor.

Spread the word: Let your blog readers know about SBT12 so they can join the fun with you! (Bonus points for blogging, facebooking & tweeting.) Click here for blog buttons.

Okay, that’s it. Go post your list and let’s get reading!

*Don’t have a blog? I twisted the arm of a friend of mine and she created a blog that you can use to play. Simply e-mail your list to her and she’ll post it and link you up, making you eligible for prizes.

Summer Book Trek: Rack Up the Points!

Use this Rafflecopter form to earn points during the 2012 Summer Book Trek reading challenge.

More Points = More Chances to Win!

(Get a jump start on earning points NOW!)

Click Here to Sign Up for the Trek!


NOTE 1: You MUST, MUST, MUST Sign Up/Link Up here first, or your points won’t count. (Yes, I will be checking.)

NOTE 2: You can start reading a book now, but you don’t get points for reading unless you FINISH the book in August.

NOTE 3: Yes. The three reading points are cumulative. So if the book is by an LDS author (+3), AND it’s a 2012 Release (+5), AND the book is a prize sponsor (+10), you get a total of 18 points for finishing that book!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Points you can earn:

1  = Sign up/Link up: This is mandatory. You have to do this one first to get to the other points.

1  = Like LDS Publisher on Facebook (if you’ve already done this, go ahead and give yourself the point)

2 = Rate a book on this site using the Star Rating scale at the bottom of each book post

2 = Leave a thoughtful comment on any post on LDS Publisher site

2 = Blog about the Summer Book Trek (can do once a day) (Use

2 = Facebook about Summer Book Trek (can do once a day) (Use and #SBT12)

2 = Tweet about the Summer Book Trek (can do once a day) (Use and #SBT12)

3 = Read a novel by an LDS Author (get points for every book you finish)

5 = Read a 2012 Release novel by an LDS Author (get points for every book you finish)

10 = Read a  novel by a Trek Sponsor (get points for every book you finish)

10 = Review a novel on your blog that you read during the Trek  (get points for every book you review)

5 = Nominate a Whitney. You don’t have to have read the book you nominate during the Trek, but you have to nominate it during the Trek. And it has to be legit. No nominating everything just to get the points. (get points for every book you nominate)

SBT12 Buttons

First, I have to give a huge shout out to Kass Miles who designed our logos for the SBT 12 (aka Summer Book Trek 2012). Go check out her awesome website and blog. She is amazing! I love her style—and she is so easy to work with. (And if you talk to her, let her know LDS Publisher sent you!)

Kass has given us several button options. Pick the one that works best for your blog/website. Simply copy the code in the box beneath the image and size that you want (there are 8 options) and paste it into an HTML widget in your sidebar.

 **For some reason, WordPress is converting my html straight quotes to these curly quotes (” “). To get it to display on your site, paste the  code in your widget box, then replace all the “. (And does anyone know how to fix this???)

Girl Chevron Standard Sidebar Button (220px)
(Works best against a white or light background)


Girl Chevron Small Sidebar (125px)
(Works best against a white or light background)



Girl White Standard Sidebar Button (220px)
(Works best against a colored background)


Girl White Small Sidebar (125px)
(Works best against a colored background)



Boy Chevron Standard Sidebar Button (220px)
(Works best against a white or light background)


Boy Chevron Small Sidebar (125px)
(Works best against a white or light background)



Boy White Standard Sidebar Button (220px)
(Works best against a colored background)


Boy White Small Sidebar (125px)
(Works best against a colored background)



Or if you need more control and/or want to do it yourself, right click on these larger images and download to your computer. Then resize as needed. Please link the images back to this URL:


NOTICE: All images are protected under a Creative Commons license. You may use these images for non-commercial use without modification (other than resizing). Please credit Kass Miles at as the original creator.


Summer Book Trek Sponsor List

Listing of prizes in alphabetical order. If sponsor is other than author, it’s listed in parentheses.

Books marked with * have a special note.

CAUTION: Although all the authors are LDS, not all of the characters live LDS standards. Do your research before selecting your prize.


Abish: Faith Among the LamanitesBrenda Anderson

Billy: Messenger of PowersMichaelbrent Collings

Become  – Ali Cross (Ali is giving away 2 ebooks & 1 print copy)

Change of HeartRoseanne Evans Wilkins

Dangerous FavorJoyce DiPastena

Daughters of JaredH.B. Moore

Death of a Disco DancerDavid Clark (Zarahemla)

Dead RunningCami Checketts

Desolate  – Ali Cross (Ali is giving away 2 ebooks & 1 print copy)

DispensationAngela Halstrom, ed (Zarahemla)

DispiritedLouisa Perkins (Zarahemla)

GiftedKarey White

Guy Next Door, TheKate Palmer *Release date mid-September

Haunted, TheMichaelbrent Collings *”Stiff PG-13″

Heirs of Southbridge, TheJennie Hansen

Hidden in the HeartRoseanne Evans Wilkins

Hooligan – Douglas Thayer (Zarahemla)

Hunting Gideon – Jessica Draper (Zarahemla)

Illuminations of the HeartJoyce DiPastena

Kindling, The (Middle School Magic) – Braden Bell (Cedar Fort)

Kissing Tree, ThePrudence Bice

Left to LoveJolene B. Perry

Long After DarkTodd Robert Petersen (Zarahemla)

Loyalty’s WebJoyce DiPastena

Millstone City – S.P. Bailey (Zarahemla)

My Forever Jolene B. Perry *Release date mid-August

Next Door Boys, The  – Jolene B. Perry

NightingaleDavid Farland

No Going Back – Jonathan Langford (Zarahemla) *sensitive subject matter

Not Your Average Fairy TaleChantele Sedgwick

On the Road to Heaven – Coke Newel (Zarahemla)

Ribbon of DarknessJulie Coulter Bellon

RiftTodd Robert Petersen (Zarahemla)

Sharp Edge of a Knife, TheD. N. Giles (Ensign Peak Books)

Souls in PerilSherry Gammon *Release date mid-August

Table for TwoSheryl Johnson

Tangled HeartsRoseanne Evans Wilkins

Tree House, The – Douglas Thayer (Zarahemla)

Tres Leches CupcakesJosi S. Kilpack *September release date

TwitterpatedMelanie Jacobson

Wasatch – Douglas Thayer (Zarahemla)

WolfhoundKindal Debenham

Summer Book Trek Coming in August

Remember how a million years ago (or three) we did that Summer Book Trek reading thing? Yeh, it’s vague in my mind too and apparently I lost some posts when I transferred from Blogger to here because I can’t find them…

But whatever. It was lots of fun. And we’re going to do it again August 1st through 31st.

That’s only 10 short days away so you have plenty of time to plan for it. Right?

Oh, and I’ll want sponsors. LOTS and LOTS of sponsors.

A REAL challenge button and detailed details will go up soon, but in the meantime, here’s the short list.


• Read as many (or few) books as you want but they MUST be by LDS authors.

• Bonus points if their book is on this site.

• Even more bonus points if the book is a 2012 release.

• And even more bonus points if you blog about what you’ve read.

Why do you care about bonus points? They earn you prizes!



• You need to be an LDS author (or publisher of an LDS author) and provide a book as your prize (print or ebook).

• You are responsible for sending the prize to the winner & decide where you’ll ship.

• Sponsors will get a spotlight post & be listed on a special sponsor page.

• I’d love to be able to give away a book or three every day. So the more the merrier. Help spread the word.

If you want to sponsor, contact me ASAP and I’ll email details by Wednesday.


Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, please go take my survey.


A Sermon and A $50 Amazon Gift Card Contest

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite 2011 book cover. It ends at MIDNIGHT, Mountain Time, tonight.

I’m seeing a lot of posts and tweets that say things like, “Yay, I made the finalists! Go vote for my book.” And a lot of replies that say things like, “I hope you win! I voted for you like you asked.”

While I’m grateful for the help in spreading the word, just a reminder, this should NOT be a popularity contest, as in “Because I’m your friend, I’m voting for you…”

Please, please, please…

As you spread the word, tell your friends to vote for the cover they like best. It may very well be your cover. But then again, it may not be.

I realize I can’t control this and you may not be able to control it either. I mean, your mother is going to vote for your cover even if she thinks it’s the most hideous thing she’s ever seen. Just saying, please, encourage people to vote for the cover they find the most visually appealing.

End of sermon.

Now for the Whitney Reading Contest…

LDS Women’s Book Review is sponsoring their 2nd Annual “Read ‘Em All” Challenge and I’m signing up! I didn’t get all of them read last year, but this year, I’m on schedule!

(See my sidebar? I’m more than halfway done.)

Here’s the post with the details:
How to Read 35 Books in 81 Days and a Challenge

Let me know in the comments if you’ve joined too. I want to know how steep my competition is.