Mom Says I Can by Judy Cooley

Title: Mom Says I Can

Author: Judy Cooley

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: April 2, 2008

ISBN: 978-1590388723

Size: 10×9, 32 pages

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Here’s the story of little Max and his search for the “World’s Greatest Treasure.” He begins as a pirate with a treasure map. On another page he’s a spaceman. Along his journey, whether he’s a cowboy or the king of the jungle or a knight in shining armor, Max hears encouraging words like: “Mom says I’m so amazing.” “Mom says I’m brave.” “Mom says I’m her hero.” At the end of the day, Mom gives Max a big hug. “Mom says she loves me.” That’s when he discovers that the “World’s Greatest Treasure” has been next to him all the time.

This book is not eligible for a Whitney Award.