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I’ve got some carpal tunnel or similar such thing going on, so I’ve had to take a typing break for a few days. Still resting the muscles, so this will be a short one. Here are a few of good writer links (not in any particular order). They are all from Writers Digest’s 101 Best Websites for Writers. Go check them out. And please, put links to your favorites in the comments section

*Disclaimer: In no way whatsoever do I endorse the products or classes sold and/or advertised on these sites. These links are for educational purposes only. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Agent Query (list of national agent profiles)

Angle on Writing (especially like their revision checklist)

Backspace–The Writer’s Place (miscellaneous articles on writing and publishing)

Creativity for Life (articles on creativity)

Baby Names (popular names by year, since 1880)

The Dabbling Mom (writing tips for moms and others)

Fund for Writers (C. Hope Clark; huge site with lots of freebie info)

Verla Kay’s Writer’s Tips (geared to children’s writers & illustrators, but good for everyone)

Write4Kids (this links to the page with the free articles)

Writer’s Break (lots of free articles)

Writing World (link to the articles page)

3 thoughts on “Great Links”

  1. Hi, LDS Publisher! It’s me, Beulah!

    You mentioned that you have carpal tunnel. Please, oh, please, let me tell you what you can do about that. I don’t sell the products, I don’t want you to join a multi-level or give me one of your children. This is free advice that works.

    Go to your local health food store and buy flax seed oil (I prefer the capsules because the liquid is something only a martian could swallow) and some vitamin B6. On the first day, take about eight flax and four B6, and do that for about a week. Week two, cut down to 6 flax and 3 B6. Cut down like this every week until you’re down to a maintenence dose of 2 flax, 1 B6 a day.

    The flax seed goes in and strips out the uric acid, which builds up because of repetitive movement. It also lowers your cholestoral and lubricates your joints. Then the B6 nourishes the area.

    I had a severe case of carpal tunnel about twelve years ago and was in a great deal of pain. I was seriously considering the surgery when a homeopathic doctor told me about the B6, and the man who would become my husband told me about flax seed. I told him later that’s why I married him.

    Give it a shot — the supplements are fairly cheap and if it doesn’t work after about three weeks, all you’re out is a little time and a little money. It’s well worth it to see. Stay healthy!

  2. Thank you. I’ll go straight to my local health food store first thing in the morning. I’d actually heard about the B6, but not the flax.

  3. The B6 is really helpful, but when you put it with the flax, it becomes so much more beneficial. Be sure to give it about three weeks; it’s not an overnight fix but you’ll definitely be able to tell a difference within a few days.

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