Large Press vs Small Press

Just read an older post on Evil Editor where he talks about the advantages and disadvantages of large and small publishing houses. Although all LDS publishers, by definition, are “smaller” houses, we still have our own distinction within the market between larger houses (namely, Deseret Book, Covenant, Cedar Fort…) and smaller houses (namely, me)–and Evil Editor’s remarks hold true.

If you’d like to read his piece, click here:
Large Press, Small Press, Short Press, Tall Press

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have his blog set to assign each piece it’s own URL, so this takes you to the April archive and you’ll need to scroll down to April 27th’s post.

(I mostly like this blog, but occassionally, he is crass and impolite. Hence, the “Evil” part of his nom de plume. So read with caution.)

And speaking of Evil Editor, he critiques query letters. That’s kind of cool. I’m willing to do that too. If you’d like my critique of your query letter, e-mail it to me with “Critique This” in the subject line. I’ll post your letter, sans identity, with comments. (Expect responses in the vein of E.E., but I won’t swear, ever. I promise.)