Do You Have Questions or Can We Move On?

Disclaimer #1: I have yet to see confirmation by the parties involved of the various rumors flying around concerning Deseret Book and Seagull. And until I do, I’m leaving open the possibility that this furor is exactly that—rumor. But I am also not so ignorant as to stick my head in the sand and pretend I didn’t hear it. I’ve spent some time thinking about this, and how it might impact my company and my decisions.

Disclaimer #2: I am not a business analyst so I may not have thought of every possibility or eventuality. Also anything I post here is just conjecture based upon my own personal brand of common sense. (Which has been called into question, but nevertheless, I blog bravely on through the muck and the mire of irrationality.)

Assuming that at some point, Deseret Book were to stop selling product through Seagull (and/or vice versa), of course it will impact the industry. These are the two biggest power-houses out there. There will be a reaction. Some people will respond with anger and fear. Others will roll their eyes and ridicule. Still others will feel nervous and insecure about how this will impact their future.

I’m not going to blog my whole point of view on all this, because 1) I don’t have that much free time; and 2) You don’t have that much free time.

So if you’re interested, ask me questions, either in the comments trail or send them to my e-mail address. I’ll do my best to answer them. If I don’t get any specific questions, I’m going to move on to other topics.