Pitch #6

When 23-year-old Sarah finishes her mission in Guatemala, she returns to Utah to help her Democratic brother, Robert, in his congressional campaign, much to the disdain of their Senator father whose conservative viewpoint endorses Robert’s opponent and opposes Sarah’s friendship with a Black campaign manager. As her father attempts to mold Sarah into the woman he thinks she should be, she fights for independence to create her own pathway to happiness. Can she survive her father’s machinations and their opponent’s deceptive methods and in turn find the love she seeks? (90)

4 thoughts on “Pitch #6”

  1. This one’s fraught with conflict and has the potential of illuminating an interesting dilemma within LDS culture. It gets my vote.

  2. Is this a straight romance or will there be a little political intrigue and suspense mixed in? From your pitch, it might go either way. (I vote for the extra intrigue.)

    I think the unique factor comes in with the mixed race relationship. This is something that needs to be addressed in our fiction because it exists in our real life experience, and yet most of what I’m seeing out there in LDS fiction is lily-white. For that reason, I’d ask for a partial.

    If you handled it well, realistically, without bias, bigotry or condescension, then you might have something here. We need more color in our fiction.

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