Publishers Choice Award Winner

First Place: Marcia Mickelson
with Pitch #6

She got all 7 points for including the info I asked for in 90 words. It’s romance, which sells well and should continue to do so. And I thought it had some extra meat to the storyline, given the subplot of the controlling father, the political conflict and backdrop, and the issue of a mixed race romance.

(Marcia, you didn’t tell me which LDS paperback novel you wanted. Please e-mail the title and author’s name to me.)

Runners Up:
Melanie Goldmund with Pitch #5.
(Melanie and Marcia actually tied on points from me, but since Melanie has won the Readers Choice award, Marcia won the tie with me.)

Anonymous with Pitch #3
(A shy one, like me. But anonymous, you really have to get over this if you’re going to publish. You need to develop a very thick skin—or perhaps use a pen name.)