Question/Query Response Time

Questions and requests to critique query letters get first priority here on this blog. So if I’m blabbing on about other stuff (ie: there’s no italicized question with answer), it means there’s no question or query in my que.

I generally post a response to all e-mailed questions/queries within a couple of days. So, if you’ve sent something and a week has passed and I have not posted a response, assume I didn’t get it and resend.

If at some point I become totally inundated with questions and queries, and it’s taking me longer than a week to get to them, I will come up with some type of system to let you know your question/query was recieved and when you can expect a posted response.

One thought on “Question/Query Response Time”

  1. I’ve read your blog’s to others of the expense of ghost writer’s and it being somewhat impractical to those of us who are not politicians or celebs…would your suggestion be then to write a manuscript as best we can on our own and present it then to various publishers in a mostly finished form? Is this a likely route to actually get someone to take you seriously and read it, or would you need to ‘know someone’ to go this route?
    I have been asked by friends and family for years to write a book regarding my 1st marriage of 9 years that had some exceptionally complex issues in it, for the sake of other LDS women/mother’s put in a similar position etc., and have just begun to explore pursuing this after 6 years of consideration & thought. Any direction or advice in the best route to take would be much appreciated.

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