Convention Countdown–Day 4

Put in 11 hours today. Created 16 posters and got them to the printer. That was such a pain. Making the posters wasn’t a big deal. I know how to do that, so it only took a few hours. But Kinkos wanted the files to be the exact size that they were to be printed, so that means these were 100–200 MEG files. Each. They wouldn’t go over their ftp site. I don’t have 16 jump drives. So I had to burn them to CDs and it took almost three hours just to do that. Then I had to drive them down to Kinko’s. Hadn’t planned on a road trip.

I suppose I should be grateful that I have computers that can create the artwork as fast as they can, rather than complaining about how “slow” they are. But if I didn’t whine and complain, I’d be nearly perfect–and I have this huge fear that I might accidentally get translated before I finish my novel, so…

What else did I do? Oh, while the CDs were burning on one computer, I did some work on another computer–catching up on e-mails, cleaning off my desktop, that kind of stuff.

Talked to some authors. Some of them need lots of hand-holding. They’re nervous about the convention. I can understand that. I am too. A little. My first year, I was incredibly nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. Now I’ve done it so many times, it should be old hat. But I still have nightmares–like I get there and I’ve forgotten to bring my entire display. Or none of my authors show up. Or it’s a week later and I totally forgot to go.

I think I am just about ready for the convention. I have two more sheets to create, but they should be quick and easy, and I can send them to Kinko’s on Monday.

After the trip to Kinkos, I went to Wal-Mart to get the last of the stuff I need for the display–except for the stuff that’s on order from that other store, who promises they will be here in time. Also got some trash bags–we’re all out at the office and we have overflowing trash bins. I know you probably imagine that we “have people” who take care of things like that. We do. I’m them.

So now I’m done (or done in) for the day. I’m pooped. So I’m turning off the computers and going to bed early. Goodnight.