Deseret Book Booth

I got some photos! I have several friends who are camera happy and they are going to be e-mailing photos to me over the next few days. I will post them and comment as I get them, so they may be a little disjointed. But then, the convention is a huge cacophony of noise and excitement and people hawking their wares, so the frenetic content of the next few days of posting will actually give you a sense of the feeling of being there. I hope.

Here is a photo of Deseret Book’s booth. Since they are the biggest, and since I talked about them a little the other day, I’m posting them first.

This is just from one angle and it’s the only one I have so far. It does not do the booth justice. But see the table and chair there on the left side of the photo? That’s where the authors sit to do their signings. The bookstores get tickets that allow them to stand in line–sometimes for an hour or more–to meet the specific author and get a signed copy of their new book. There are a limited number of tickets and you have to have one to even stand within spitting distance of this area. Sometimes the line of ticket holders stretches all the way across the front of the booth. There are a couple of other signing nooks at the other corners of the booth. I may have photos of one of these lines coming later.

Also notice the big thingee (that’s the technical term) at the top center of the photo. There is a giant reproduction of one of their new titles on each side of that. You can see that from anywhere in the convention hall. It’s amazing.