Group of Buds

This photo comes compliments of C.S. Bezas:

Hey, this is a picture I took with some of my buddies in front of Rosehaven’s booth. I flew out for my new book, “Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers” and my CD, “A Time for Ana.” The publisher is Rosehaven Publishing & Distribution. I just love working with them. Talk about integrity!

(Reading left to right, C.S. Bezas (me), Kenya Transtrum, Janie Van Komen, Lori Nawyn, and Karlene Browning, the owner of Rosehaven .)

3 thoughts on “Group of Buds”

  1. Don’t y’all think C. S. Bezas looks like Audrey Hepburn? She’s such a cutie!

    It tugs at my heart to see Kenya, Janie, and Lori. I miss you guys so much!

    How nice to see Karlene’s sweet smile. Maybe the next time I get to visit Utah I’ll get to meet Karlene too. I hope so!

  2. Cindy does look like Audrey Hepburn! It was great having her out here. She and Claire Bowen (author of “Sorry, The Stork Takes No Returns”)stayed at my house during the convention. It was a week long slumber party! Fun.

    It was great meeting Kenya and Janie and Lori too. Authors are fun and funny people. I’m sorry you didn’t get to come, Sad & Lonely. Maybe next year?

    Or to get an idea of what it was like you could download this photo, Photoshop yourself in on the end, and resubmit it to this site. Maybe she’ll post it. Then stay up really late, giggling and eating, for 5 nights in a row. Then come back to this site and drag the slider bar up and down really fast so the photos go by in a blur. That’s about what convention felt like.


    P.S. Thanks Cindy for sneaking in a photo of my booth. I had noticed one hadn’t been posted yet.

  3. Cindy this is sarah, i hope you remember me. i have been looking for you since we lost contact in 1995 please email me if you like i would like to do some catching up. You look like you have been busy. my email is

    Sarah Mcneil

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