Hansen Classics

Every year, Florence Hansen brings a work in progress and sculpts during the show. Last year, she was working on Freedom From Fear.

This year, she brought a piece in progress on Wednesday. Then apparently she was talking to someone at the convention about a new piece she was thinking of doing in honor of our men in the armed forces who gave their lives in combat. So on Thursday, she brought in a different block of clay and her model and got started on it. (This convention is a great source of inspiration for a lot of us.)

This newest piece is of a mother holding a folded flag to her heart, head bent, missing her son. In the photo above, Florence is working on the back of the mother’s head. I’m looking forward to seeing this piece. I think it’s very timely and will offer some comfort to mourning mothers everywhere.

Florence is such an amazing artist. I love to watch her work. And by the crowd that is usually standing around her, I’m not alone in that. One of the new pieces on display this year was Sleigh Ride! It was beautiful. You can see more of her work on the Hansen Classics website.