April Contest!

Melanie had some great ideas for an April writing contest–and I will keep them in mind for the future. But between asking for your ideas this morning, and uhm, NOW–I had a thought. I know some of you will think this is a self-serving cop out, and you would be right. But if you play nice, I’ll do an actual writing contest next month.

April 29th marks my one year anniversary for this blog. It’s been fun for me. I hope it has been helpful to you.

The biggest difficulty I have, however, is trying to figure out what to blog about–every single day. (It’s sort of like the ‘what’s for dinner question,’ which I never have a good answer for.)

So here’s the contest. Between now and April 29th, Submit questions for the blog. I will give prizes for the following categories:

  • My Favorite question
  • Made Me Spew My Drink While Laughing question
  • Almost as Smart as Me question
  • Obviously Doesn’t Have a Clue question
  • Got to Be Kidding question
  • Never Heard That One Before question
  • Are You Sure You’re Not a Three-Year-Old? (aka: person who submits the most REAL questions–fake questions do not count; anonymously submitted questions do not count)

Categories that will get acknowledgment, but no prize

  • FAQs (aka: most frequently asked question)

I may add more categories, if I think of them, so check back. I don’t know what the prizes will be yet, but I’ll think of something between now and then–probably something silly and cheesy.

Rules are:
1. Send your question to me via e-mail, not in the comments trail.

2. Your question has to have something to do with writing or publishing. (No historical fact questions, like what was the very first published LDS novel–because I don’t know and I don’t want to do any research for this.)

3. I reserve the right not to award a prize if none of the questions seem to fit in a particular category.

I’ll post and answer the questions in whatever order I feel like answering them; one per day, as usual. (I hope I get 365 different questions. That would just make my year!)

I’ll post the winners on April 30th because the 29th is a Sunday.

3 thoughts on “April Contest!”

  1. I would like to make one suggestion with this… if you did in fact receive 365 questions, then your response time for other questions could increase dramatically. Therefore, I would suggest that after this contest is over, you respond to other questions as they come, filling in your “dead” days with the questions from this contest. 🙂

  2. I was so hoping for a writing contest because I can’t think of any questions for the blog. Oh, well.

    Melanie Goldmund

  3. Andi–Good suggestion and I will definitely consider it. If I get more than a month’s worth of questions, I will post the ones that seem most urgent and generally applicable first.

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