Promo Contest Entry #3

Book: The Devil’s Daughter

Teaser: Desi Black’s parents are evil. She has just turned sixteen and it’s time for her to go into the family business; the business of ruining lives and stealing souls. But Desi wants nothing more than to be good. Just like any other girl, Desi’s dealing with homework, friends and boys, but somehow she’s got to find a way to save those people her parents hope to ruin. In a world where evil is commonplace, how does a demon choose to do good? Desi will find a way. Or she’ll die trying. I LOVE THIS!

Promo Idea: I’ll make a commercial showing a teenage girl and her parents where they have an argument. But the argument will be ‘backwards’ – the parents supporting the bad thing, the girl defending the good. (Kind of like that one cell phone commercial? I liked that.) Accessible to anyone with an internet connection, the video would be short, tongue-in-cheek and really make people take notice and say “I wanna read that book!”

This one is do-able and financially practical. You Tube is great for this type of thing and viral video can really create a buzz for something. I’d want approval over the “script” and the finished video. And I’d want to have something that would drive people to watch it–some kind of contest of sorts. People sometimes need a little nudge. And we’d want everyone you know who has a blog to link to it in their sidebar.

7 thoughts on “Promo Contest Entry #3”

  1. I vote for this one. I think this would be a fun way for teens to see in a light hearted way the dynamic of rebellion and teenage angst from the reverse side. Perhaps it would shed light on the results of choices made (especially by teens) and the loss of the freedom by doing evil. Most teens think they lose freedom by obeying “good” parents but I think it would be fun to see what happens from the other side. Or in this book’s case “EVIL” with a capital E!

    Sounds like a fun read!

  2. I like this story best. A new twist on an old theme. And it sounds like an interesting, fun, and different way for a teen to learn the lesson of standing up for what you believe in, even if it is against the norm.

    I hope to read the full story some day!

  3. I have a 16 year old daughter that would love to read this book. I like the good vs evil twist of the parents and daughter. I would love to see how this one turns out.

  4. Just reading this teaser I do allready say “I wanna read this book!” This one has my vote I can’t wait to see all the situations Desi will be getting into trying to battle her evil parents for good. Sound like an exciting read.

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