2 thoughts on “Book Titles”

  1. Holy cow — that title thing is so cool!

    I haven’t had trouble with titles yet — I’ve gotten to pick my own. And that’s fun because I’ve got a pattern:

    Nothing to Regret
    Strength to Endure
    Test of Time
    Faith Beyond Fear
    Season of Sacrifice
    Forgive, Not Forget

    They’re all three words, with a connecting word in the middle. Pretty cool, huh?

    And lest anyone get all excited — only the first two are published right now.

  2. See, I always knew that was how the marketing department chose titles.

    Mine have been about half and half. Half were changed. The ones that stuck were often times the ones I just picked off the top of my head because I knew they would be changed anyway, so why bother putting a lot of thought into it.

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