Promo Contest Entry #4

Book: Grasshopper Pie

Synopsis: Mom is busy cleaning when Logan and Madolyn insist they “cook” for her. They whip up some imaginary dishes like Watermelon Burritos and Sunflower Soup and Mom grudgingly plays along. But, what happens when Mom asks for Grasshopper Pie and the dish isn’t so imaginary after all? Cute idea. Recipes included?

Promo: Since this is a children’s picture book, I would schedule a reading and while wearing my antennae headband, I’d offer a free book to anyone who’d eat a live grasshopper. (I’d have a jar of grasshoppers).

Okay, I love this idea! It appeals to the perverse side of me. Reminds me of the time my seminary teacher brought chocolate covered grasshoppers to class so we could discover what locusts and honey might taste like.

However, there could be potential liability problems here. Even if you got signed releases from the grasshopper eaters. If someone got sick, we could all be sued–me, you and the bookstore. I don’t think I could actually let you do it. Darn!

Maybe make a fake Grasshopper Pie as refreshements for anyone who comes to the book signing/reading? Although that has liability potential as well…

3 thoughts on “Promo Contest Entry #4”

  1. The biggest problem with many of the other marketing ideas, is that while they are VERY creative, they cost more than what an author makes on the book.

    In a typical LDS novel, an author will probably sell between 5,000 and 7,000 books. (Less for smaller publishers or newer authors, more for bigger and more established)

    Assuming you make about $1 a book, that doesn’t leave you much to market with. Anything that costs you more than $1 per book or $5,000 is probably out. (Unless you are self-publishing which is a whole other can of worms.)

    I liked the talk show circuit idea. I think it would probably work very well for that book. But it would be MUCH harder for most novels to get any significant press coverage.

    This marketing idea is fun, relatively easy (assuming you can catch grasshoppers or have a handy kid who can), and unique enough to grab attention.

    A reading in and of itself, is a decent way to get some attention and sell books. But a reading with media coverage is so much better.

    The whole, eat a live grasshopper/get a free book idea would definitely be a hook to media coverage.

    Unless PETA or some other group had a real problem with it, I think this could work. What do you think LDSPub? Would you let your author do this?

    I vote for this one.

  2. Oh, I laughed out loud with this idea! How creative! Even if no one eats a grasshopper you’ll get a LOT of attention. I vote for this one.

    But, rather than only have a jar of grasshoppers when you read the book, why not get some brave bookstores to display a sealed jar of live grasshoppers by the book? (You’d have to make sure it’s sealed or people like me just might want to see what would happen if… LOL)

    P.S. I’ll let you come get all the grasshoppers you want out of my yard for free. 🙂

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