Chip’s Guide to Marketing Your Book

On the advice of Candace Salima (see comments on this post; thanks, Candace), I checked out Chip MacGregor’s blog. Hadn’t seen him before. Interesting guy. Has lots of good tips.

I read a few posts, and found this one talking about marketing. That’s been a frequent question around here, so I suggest you go read it. I agree with pretty much everything, except the cost of review copies. In a small market like ours, with small print runs, most books cost more than $1.00 per copy. Other than that, I liked what he had to say–especially encouragement toward internet marketing.

[If the link to that post doesn’t work, go here and look for the Sept 13, 2007 post titled “How to Market Your Book and Lose Lots of Money.”

2 thoughts on “Chip’s Guide to Marketing Your Book”

  1. So what is your take on review copies? It seemes to me that even if they cost $5, that is pretty cheap for a review that sells even ten or twenty books.

  2. I think review copies are a great form of marketing–as long as they’re placed efficiently. For example, I’m not sending a review copy to a blogger who only gets three hits a day.

    Also, I limit review copies to 5-10% of the initial print run.

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