Caleb’s Quest by Christopher Esseltine

Title: Caleb’s Quest

Author: Christopher Esseltine

Publisher: Cedar Fort

Release Date: January 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59955-104-3

Size: 5.5×8.5; 178 pages

Genre: Middle Grade/Teen, Choose your own adventure

Every choice we make puts us on one path or another. Thirteen-year-old Caleb has some tough choices ahead, but he’s not alone — you’re there to guide him! When Caleb’s father is called to go to battle against the Lamanites, Caleb realizes it’s up to him to find his father and get him home safely. Caleb’s father isn’t the only one in danger, though; Caleb will need to be quick, careful, and clever if he wants to succeed in his mission. One wrong choice could mean an end to his adventure — and maybe even his life.

This choose-your-own-adventure begins when you open this book and enter Nephite lands and Book of Mormon times, but only you can decide how it ends!