The Lost Verses by Barbara Miller

Title: The Lost Verses

Author: Barbara Miller

Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.

Release Date: March, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59955-108-1

Size: 5.5×8.5 paperback; 236 pages

Genre: Mystery? Speculative?

Series: Golden Verses

“Ask your mom about a special Bible she used to have. Ask her to remember the golden verses. That might help you both.

When Andy’s little sister died, his faith in God died with her.

Now, ten years later, Andy uncovers a secret—a tale too fantastic to be real. A story about six Bibles, each with verses written in gold. And for those who read the passages in gold, the scriptures come to life.

Out of respect for his mother and her friends, Andy halfheartedly agrees to find the old Bibles. Little does Andy know that the Bibles are closer than ever. Nor does he realize that the books are haunted by a dark shadow, an entity desperate to destroy the last of the golden verses.

As the Bibles make their way to the people who need them most, Andy begins to understand the worth of the Bibles, as well as the danger they are in. The Bibles have the power to save those who will read, and for this reason the books have long been marked for destruction. When the shadow closes in on the Bibles, it falls to Andy and his newfound friends to ensure that the holy books survive.

A gripping tale, The Lost Verses is a story of miracles, redemption, and the power of the word of God.

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  1. I’m pretty sure this book was published back in August 2006.

    It looks like they just slapped a new cover on it and wrote more interesting back cover text.

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