Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George

Title: Dragon Flight

Author: Jessica Day George

Publisher: Bloomsbury Books

Release Date: April 28, 2008

ISBN: 978-1599901107

Size: 272 pages, 5.5×8, hardback

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Series: Sequel to Dragon Slippers

With the Dragon Wars over, Creel finds herself bored with life as a seamstress. Then word comes that a bordering country has been breeding dragons in preparation for an invasion. Never one to sit around, Creel throws herself headlong into an adventure that will reunite her with her dragon friend Shardas, pit her against a vicious new enemy and perhaps rekindle a friendship with Prince Luka that seems to have gone cold.

In far off Citatie, Prince Luka has made an alarming discovery: the southern country’s entire army is mounted on dragons, and they plan to attack Feravel. It’s up to Creel to gather her dragon friends and lead them south, first as spies, then as soldiers, in a battle against an unexpected enemy. But the Citatian dragons outnumber those from Feravel, and some of Creel’s friends are still recovering from the first dragon war. Will they be able to win this fight, and will they still have a home to return to even if they do?

2 thoughts on “Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George”

  1. Again, Jessica Day George delivers!

    The writing is solid and the story is wonderful. Although I liked Dragon Slippers a little bit more, I still loved this book.

  2. I’m really surprised so few are leaving coments, it is the same on most sites I visit…

    Come on people, don’t you love this book?

    A HUGE ‘Thank you’ to Jessica for this masterpiece, she must have worked hard to give so many hours of enjoyment to her fans!

    Merci et salut!

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