Jee’s Bones by W. Dave Free

Title: Jee’s Bones

Author: W. Dave Free

Publisher: Leatherwood Press

Release Date: 2008


Size: 5.5×8″, softcover

Genre: Children

Jeremy, nicknamed Jee, lives on a desert ranch where his family keeps a fledgling shrimp farm. A sharp and savvy kid with a passion for prehistory, Jeremy bursts with excitement when he finds a dinosaur skull in the ranch backcountry. But he and his family soon realize the discovery is more than they bargained for. After being washed with water from a nearby spring the skull transforms into a live ornithomimus, a great ostrich-like dinosaur with yellow eyes, a sharp beak, and an enormous appetite. Fearing that public involvement will harm the creature, which Jeremy names Fuji, the Free family keeps it hidden in a cave on their property. But before long, a meddling professor catches wind of the discovery and demands access to the ranch land. And when this Professor Stutts and his band of armed thugs arrive to take the ranch by force, Jeremy must use all his wits and skills to keep his family and Fuji alive.

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