United We Stand by Wendie L. Edwards

Title: Millenial Glory vol. 7: United We Stand

Author: Wendie L. Edwards

Publisher: Seventh Seal Publishing

Release Date: April 21, 2008

ISBN: 978-0971222885

Size: 335 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Speculative

Series: Hidden Light (vol. 1), Wars of Light (vol. 2), Apocalypse the Unveiling (vol. 3), The Ascension (vol. 4), Hanging by a Thread (vol. 5), Justice of Affliction (vol. 6)

Reeling from the sudden collapse of the American government, the Rogers family struggles to gain control of their world. Eventually, the UN sends food and financial relief to Utah, but requires each person to give up their American rights and submit to international laws in return for support. A computer chip is implanted in each new international citizen and each receives entrance into a new global economy.

The LDS community is surprised as the Prophet sends a message by ham radio to every stake advising all to refuse the computer chip and instead, to look to each other for their needs. Now each must make a choice: do they listen to the Prophet and lose the privileges of economy but maintain their identity and faith, or do they submit to the UN and give up every freedom America ever stood for?

Each citizen makes their own choice and communities are fractured, but the righteous are rewarded with spiritual gifts and power as independent tent cities rise all over America under the glorious banner of the flag. They enjoy miracles and blessings beyond their expectations! For country, for liberty, for freedom—for GOD! United We Stand!