Surprise Packages by Anderson, Littke and Carroll

Title: The Company of Good Women: Surprise Packages (vol 3)

Author: Nancy Anderson, Lael Littke and Carroll Hofeling Morris

Publisher: Deseret Book

Release Date: July, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59038-908-9

Size: 360 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: General, Women’s Fiction

Series: Three Tickets to Peoria (v1), Almost Sisters (v2)

In Surprise Packages, the satisfying conclusion of The Company of Good Women series, Juneau, Deenie, and Erin deal with a new set of challenges.

Deenie, now living in Gainesville, Florida, begins to question everything she has believed about herself as she sees her actions through others’ eyes. Juneau’s feelings of guilt come to a head when a secret from her childhood and the mystery of her great-grandmother, Letitia, combine to force her to confront her past. And Erin, whose painful divorce has made her cynical about love and marriage, must decide if she can take a risk when she has a second chance for love.

Staying in touch through phone calls, e-mails, and periodic vacations together, the friends offer one another support, sometimes in the form of blunt feedback. But as they anticipate reaching their goal to become Crusty Old Broads, life takes a turn that puts their twenty-five-year pact in doubt.

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  1. This is actually the first book I’ve read in the series. Silly me, out of order! I thought it was pretty good. I wish we could have seen more about each character, but in a book with three main characters, I understand that’s hard to accomplish. I thought it was pretty good.

  2. Thanks for the post on our book, Surprise Packages. Nancy, Lael and I appreciate the support the LDS blogging community–it’s a great way to get the word out to the LDS reading community.

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