Epicenter by Sonia O’Brien

Title: Epicenter

Author: Sonia O’Brian

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: September, 2008


Size: 248 pages, softcover

Genre: Suspense

When attorney McKenna Bradford enters the top floor of Lincoln Tower, she expects an uncomfortable business lunch with an unwelcome client—but she doesn’t expect him to confess murder. And she certainly doesn’t expect a massive earthquake to hit downtown Los Angeles, trapping her in a crumbling high-rise with a cold-blooded killer.

As McKenna struggles to elude her enemy amidst the massive destruction, others in the building fight their own battles. Payson Griggs takes on a perilous search for his former girlfriend, while his friends find themselves in dire circumstances in the tower’s parking garage. Anna Stevens faces the prospect of childbirth in an elevator shaft as her firefighter husband combats the raging blazes that are headed straight for Lincoln Tower. And all the while, McKenna’s father and her best friend race to find her before death does.

Combining gripping suspense with tender scenes of love and loss, this thriller pulls the reader right into the epicenter of heart-pounding action.