Meeting Amazing Grace by Gary & Joy Lundberg

Title: Meeting Amazing Grace

Author: Gary & Joy Lundberg


Release Date: August 7, 2008

ISBN: 978-0915029068

Size: 274 pages, 6×7″, softcover

Genre: General

(A novel based on true stories.)

You are about to embark on an unusual path of discovery with an amazing woman named Grace. You may be pleasantly surprised to find solutions to your own challenges as you step into the lives of families facing dramatic, yet all-too-common, dilemmas. It will be as if you have a crystal ball showing you what can be done to bring peace and love between you and your own family members. You will see how the clashing of personalities and differing family traditions and beliefs can be transformed into loving, rich relationships. If you sense a realism about these encounters, even the most bizarre, it’s because all are based on true experiences of real people. A surprise twist at the end will touch your heart.

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