Stones’ Quest: Redemption of the Curse by LaRene R. Ellis

Title: Stone’s Quest: Redemption of the Curse (vol 3)

Author: LaRene R. Ellis

Publisher: Gathering Place Publishers, Inc.

Release Date: July, 2008

ISBN: 978-0975462249

Size: 424 pages, softcover

Genre: Middle Grade fantasy

Series: Stone’s Quest: In Search of Its Master (vol. 1), The Battles Begin (vol. 2)

The Story continues, the curse is revealed. The balance of the galaxy is in the hands of the few. Will the revealed truth be enough, or will the overwhelming powers of the curse engulf the universe beyond the influence of the Master Stones?

The fate of all lies in the hands of one. Will this unlikely soul choose to save it all or let everything be destroyed? The race for ultimate power… who will win?