Easterfield by Anna Jones Buttimore

Title: Easterfield

Author: Anna Jones Buttimore

Publisher: Leatherwood Press

Release Date: November, 2008

ISBN: 978-1599921266

Size: 300 pages, Softcover

Genre: Historical Romance

Lancashire, England, 1850: When Mr. Wilson, a Mormon missionary, arrives in the rural town of Easterfield, Catherine Waters finds herself intrigued by both the message he brings and his relationship to her reclusive and aristocratic neighbour. Through Mr. Wilson, Catherine is drawn into the strange world of Easterfield Hall, where both her cousin and sister find forbidden love, and Catherine uncovers secrets that change her entire outlook on their peaceful life. After Mr. Wilson is called back to Utah, the dashing Dr. Davenport is on hand to offer love, security, and help in piecing together Catherine’s fragmenting life. As she experiences gut-wrenching fear, hopeless love, and the loss of all she once thought important, she learns that the things that really matter are eternal.

One thought on “Easterfield by Anna Jones Buttimore”

  1. I like Anna’s way of expressing the perspective of the non-LDS individuals. She seems to know how they really do perceive the Church, both those who come to love it and those who continue being suspicious of it.. She’s also a good storyteller and is amazing at being able to stay within the context of Victorian England while making her characters real people.

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