1) If you receive a submission without an SASE, will you find a way to contact an author if you are not interested in the manuscript?

2) Should authors always include an SASE?

3) Does including an SASE make you think the author doesn’t think very highly of his work?

1) Not usually. If the author gives me their e-mail address, I will reject them via e-mail. I do not make rejection phone calls. I do not send rejection letters on my own dime, unless I want to encourage the author.

2) If the publisher’s submission guidelines say to include an SASE, then include it.

3) Heck, no! It makes me think they’re willing to follow directions.

Overall, on the SASE issue, I’m all for everyone—publishers, agents, authors—to get with the 21st century and do submissions and rejections via e-mail. It saves everyone time, money and trees.