The Ruby by Jennie Hansen

Title: The Bracelet, vol. 4: The Ruby

Author: Jennie Hansen

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: October 1, 2008


Size: Softcover

Genre: Historical Romance

Series: The Bracelet (v 1), The Emerald (v 2), The Topaz (v3)

Charlie Mae is sick of fetching things for her brothers and father, and for getting yelled at over things that aren’t her fault, while her brothers get to do whatever they want. She doesn’t blame Ma for leaving.

Determined to escape her house for at least one night of adventure, Charlie Mae sneaks into Nauvoo behind her brothers. But she discovers a lot more than she bargained for, including the dark cruelty inside her father’s heart and a mysterious red stone. Oddly, she feels a kind of peace when she holds the stone. It almost seems to be an assurance that she isn’t alone—that somewhere, someone is watching over her.

When Charlie Mae meets Spencer—a boy her age—and his grandmother, she is astonished at their kindness. She should have guessed they were Mormons. Pa had been lying all that time when he had said that Mormons were wicked. Pa was the wicked one—he and her brothers burned houses and shot people. She didn’t want to live with thieves and liars and cook their meals anymore. She would leave this place someday and find a better life—no matter what the cost.

Join celebrated author Jennie Hansen in this exciting fourth and final volume of The Bracelet series, as Charlie Mae learns through her trials about forgiveness, love, and eternal families.

One thought on “The Ruby by Jennie Hansen”

  1. Jennis Hansen is a stellar writer and The Ruby is no exception. If Jennie were describing this work she’d say something like, “Its clean, few if any typos and the writing is easy to follow.” The truth is, the writing is engrossing and the story worth your time.

    Well done on yet another terrific novel, Jennie.

    David G. Woolley

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