High Country by Jennie Hansen

Title: High Country

Author: Jennie Hansen

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: January 5, 2009

ISBN: 978-1598115895

Size: 288 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Romance

A terrible car accident left Laura fatherless, injured, and at a loss for many memories of her life before the accident. But when she and her cousin Bruce are going through their Aunt Alice’s papers after her death, Bruce finds a certificate that will change Laura’s life forever: a marriage certificate. With her name on it. The doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to remember a lot of things, but how could she forget getting married?

Laura is shocked ever further when she finds out that she is heir to a fortune and her father’s ranch, High Country. As she discovers the secrets about her past that Aunt Alice had kept so well hidden from her, Laura is determined to get back what is rightfully hers. But trying to regain the beautiful house and land from a stubborn cowboy. Paul “Mac” Burgoyne, who claims to be her husband, is more than she bargained for.

In this gripping novel, best-selling author Jennie Hansen presents a fresh set of realistic, entertaining characters who learn the importance of forgiveness, faith, and love in the face of discord and misunderstanding.

2 thoughts on “High Country by Jennie Hansen”

  1. I’ve read all of Jennie’s books and I think this is one of the better ones in awhile. It was fun and kept me reading.

  2. This book was a lot of fun to read, so fun it left me wishing there were more of it!
    The elements of the story were balanced just right and it showed the characters growth and change especially towards each other… at some points I was thinking, come on Kiss the girl! I definitely recommend reading it!

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