Torn Apart by Diony George

Title: Torn Apart

Author: Diony George

Publisher: Cedar Fort/Bonneville Books

Release Date: February 10, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-59955-244-6

Size: 256 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: General

Alyson thinks her life is perfect. Hectic and tiring, of course, but no more so than any other wife and mother of four boys. But with her husband becoming increasingly distant, Alyson wonders if there s something she s doing wrong. Little does she know that the actions of someone she loves dearly are about to change her life forever.

Alyson never imagined it could happen to her, and when it did, she realized it could happen to anyone . . .

Based on a true story, Torn Apart is a heartrending inside look at how pornography can rip families apart and shatter the lives of everyone involved. This growing problem can infect any family and often goes unnoticed for years.

Full of heartache and courage, Torn Apart provides hope for those affected by pornography by showing that, through God s love, even this devastating addiction can be overcome.

One thought on “Torn Apart by Diony George”

  1. Torn Apart is a true story of how a seemingly picturesque family eventually becomes destroyed by pornography addiction. This book is proof positive that pornography and sexual addiction is truly detrimental, and can have incalculable negative effects on everyone involved in your life. When reading this book, the fact that pornography is an exponentially growing business making billions of dollars shouldn’t be the only thing taken into account, but also that this incredibly widespread ‘business’ threatens the day to day happiness of a functional family.

    Torn Apart offers real emotion at the most basic level in dealing with a situation that can literally tear your world apart and turn it completely upside down. Told through the eyes of a valiant woman, the narration and experience offers insight into how to deal with the adversity resulting from this addiction. The true story not only goes into the shocking secrets that are initially revealed that change everything, but also into how a strong woman can pick up the pieces and look forward with hope, to create a stable and happy family again for her, and her children.

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