Fatuous Friday

Do you ever feel like jumping the LDS ship and moving to New York where you could be rich and famous?

No. I am committed to the LDS industry. Although I might consider working with national titles that promote LDS values and themes.

But I would love to be rich and famous right here in this little niche. (It could happen.) (Maybe.) (Whatever—a girl can dream. . .)

I’m interested in your Whitney picks. And I’m also interested to know if you edited any of the Whitney finalists. But I suspect those questions are in the same category as “who are you?”…

Whitney picks: Two of my picks won.

Editing: Uhm, well, I better not say. However, there were several nominees and finalists that made my red pen twitch.

3 thoughts on “Fatuous Friday”

  1. It’s so good to hear you aren’t planning on New York anytime soon.
    We really need strong people to support the LDS values (trust me, I just bought a fantasy book for my girls, but was then warned by a friend about the immorality of a fifteen-year-old in the book. I had to take the book away from my pre-teen. She was mad. I was sad.)

  2. Well, not quite Twilight (she’s not really into that book – can you believe it???)

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