Shelter from the Storm by Anita Stansfield

Title: Shelter from the Storm

Author: Anita Stansfield

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-59811-835-3

Size: 240 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: General

Series: The Sound of Rain, A Distant Thunder, Winds of Hope

Jason rushed out of the bishop’s office, then moved even faster to get out of the building before he burst into tears. The moments in his life when he’d felt this way paraded before him. Derek’s death. Elizabeth telling him she didn’t love him and couldn’t marry him. Macy running away. His mother dying.

He reminded himself that Elizabeth had married him—twenty years later, and Macy had come home. He’d found peace over the deaths of his loved ones, but right now, the path to finding such peace felt impossible to traverse. But why? This wasn’t a death or a tragedy. It was a Church calling—and a belligerent woman who just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Why was he taking it so hard?

Just when everything seems to be going so well, Jayson’s life is turned upside down. As he begins to question his own worth and worthiness in God’s eyes, his doubts and fears threaten to tear apart everything he has worked so hard to build.

In yet another compelling chapter of the Jayson Wolfe story, bestselling LDS author Anita Stansfield creates a captivating story of love and loss and courage—a story that will touch and thrill the hearts of her readers. Beautifully rendered and deeply moving, this is a story about truths that often elude us. It is an intense examination of both the vulnerability and resilience of the human spirit.