LDSBA Less Than Two Weeks Away

The annual LDS Booksellers Association Convention is coming up very soon. Booth set-up starts on Monday, August 3rd, as well as Booksellers University, which is a training meeting for retailers.

The actual convention goes Wednesday through Friday, August 5-7th. And yes, I’ll be there.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve been so busy not posting here. Not that I’ll have a booth, or a book signing this year. But deciding which of my many disguises to wear to the event is consuming my every waking moment!

Should I wear my turquoise business suit with faux peacock collar and matching hat, purse and pumps? (I had to make a little inset because it was too low cut for the LDSBA but I think it looks rather fetching.)

Or should I wear my super-spy undercover suit?

I think the flower makes the whole thing, don’t you?

So. Who is going to the convention? Who has a book coming out or a signing there? When? Where?

Also, any questions about the convention?

7 thoughts on “LDSBA Less Than Two Weeks Away”

  1. I'll be there on Wednesday–I'll be signing copies of English Trifle at 12:30. I vote for the peacock feathers because, really, how often can you wear something like that?

  2. I like the peacock suit. Just let us know so we can figure out who our LDS Publisher is.

  3. I'm sorry – I got carried away by feathers and forgot to answer the rest of the question. I'll be there, but not signing.

  4. Awesome feathers.

    I would LOVE to go to Booksellers. This year I got invited for the first time–my book is an August release–and I have a family reunion that exact same week! So somebody please take pictures for me, okay? Pretty please?

  5. This begs the question: who are you?

    I'm opening a contest on my blog. The winner wins a piece of Tupperware. Yes, let the entries fly.

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