Break Point Down: Game Over by Marthy Johnson

Title: Break Point Down: Game Over

Author: Marthy Johnson

Publisher: Publication Consultants

Release Date: August 10, 2009

ISBN: 978-1594331114

Size: 314 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: General

Kitt Buchanan is young, rich, a champion athlete at the top of his sport, and life is training, travel, and triumph. Talk shows, interviews, magazine articles, fan clubs. Unlimited bank accounts. Can he not be a self-indulgent jerk? Is it possible to be outrageously gifted and balanced too? His focus is a little ball, excellence, getting better and better in less and less. But life abruptly changes, and he has no one to blame but himself. And a few others. But who? And why? And where is the line between courage and stupidity? In Break Point Down a repeat Grand Slam champion follows a dream that quickly gets away from him. Now the skills that made him a champion must make him a man.