Alcatraz vs The Knights of Crystallia by Brandon Sanderson

Title: Alcatraz versus The Knights of Crystallia

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Release Date: October 1, 2009

ISBN: 978-0439925556

Size: 336 pages, 6×8″, hardcover

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Series: Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians (v1), Alcatraz vs The Scrivener’s Bones (v2)

When Alcatraz and Grandpa Smedry make a pilgrimage to the Free Kingdom city of Crystallia, the Smedry home base, Alcatraz is shocked to see that he is, in fact, a legend. When he was a baby he was stolen by the Evil Librarians, and his mother, a Librarian herself, was behind the whole scheme. Now, with his estranged father, who is acting indeed strange, Bastille, who has been stripped of her armor, and Grandpa Smedry, who is, as always, late to everything (that’s his Talent), Alcatraz tries to save a city under siege. From who? Why, the Librarians of course!

3 thoughts on “Alcatraz vs The Knights of Crystallia by Brandon Sanderson”

  1. I really liked the first one. This seems like an excellent new book to read and enjoy.

  2. This was the most entertaining of the series so far. My husband and I both read it and we actually laughed out loud several times. It also seemed to be lighter on the main character telling the reader how to feel so that made it more enjoyable, too. I'm not sure how kids would like it, but as an adult I've loved this series!

  3. This book was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It is by far the best book in the series so far!!!!!!!!!!! I love Alcatraz. As a twelve year old, going into jr. high, i believe it is very age appropriate. I'm starting to believe in the librarian evilness… I also believe that Brandon Sanderson did not write it!!! I can not wait for the 4th book, and i wishwishwishwishwish I could own all the books. C U! ^_^

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