The Best of Times (Dickens Inn v1) by Anita Stansfield

Title: The Best of Times, A Dickens Inn Novel (v1)

Author: Anita Stansfield

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: November 2, 2009

ISBN: 978-1598118483

Size: 336 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: General

A sprawling Montana setting; a charming bed-and-breakfast inn brimming with Dickensian decor; a beautiful and deeply spiritual innkeeper with secret sorrows from her past; a Granny who is as delightful as she is wise; and a handsome guest whose lifestyle and past are both troubled and troubling—these are the elements of a captivating novel of romance and intrigue.

With characters that are vital and vulnerable, and a plot that is wholly unpredictable, this story is a journey of choices and amazing opportunities. Once again, Anita Stansfield proves her versatility as a storyteller extraordinaire in this novel that is an ingenious blend of romance, mystery, and Dickensian charm.

2 thoughts on “The Best of Times (Dickens Inn v1) by Anita Stansfield”

  1. IT seems like another amazing anita stanfield novel. With a warm enviroment full of suspence.

  2. Another Antia Stansfield story… Surprisingly, I enjoyed it enough to finish it. The adventure portion was different than many of her other stories and a welcome though short change.

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