Band of Sisters by Annette Lyon

Title: Band of Sisters

Author: Annette Lyon

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: March, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-59811-852-0

Size: 288 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: General Women’s

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When the war on terror calls their husbands to duty, five LDS women are left behind to fight battles of their own: Kim, newlywed and pregnant, frightened of what the future might bring. Brenda, struggling to manage three unruly boys and a crippling bout of depression. Jessie, secretly grappling with mixed feelings about her crumbling marriage. Marianne, wrestling with a rebellious teenage daughter. And Nora, the seasoned Army wife with perfect hair, an immaculate homeā€”and an ill-tempered mother dying of cancer.

Knowing the separation of deployment is extremely difficult, Nora gathers the wives every week to share lunches and burdens. In good company, they worry over safety in the field and stability at home and offer one another counsel and comfort.

But as their personal crises build, each woman faces the risks of forming deep bonds of trust. And when tragedy strikes, they must confront the painful realities of war that pull families apart and bring friends together as sisters.

2 thoughts on “Band of Sisters by Annette Lyon”

  1. A touching read that hits many issues that wives and mothers have- whether their husbands are deployed or not. I appreciated the growth the characters experienced. I'd recommend it.

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