Heroes of the Fallen by David J. West

Title: Heroes of the Fallen

Author: David J. West

Publisher: WiDo Publishing

Release Date: April 14, 2010

ISBN: 978-0979607035

Size: 306 pages

Genre: Historical

Heroes of the Fallen is set after a golden age of peace, that lasted almost three hundred years. War is now coming to Zarahemla. Men beat their plowshares into swords or call vainly to pagan gods for answers, all the while forgetting that which could deliver them.

Stand alongside daring heroes with swords bared against sinister villains, never knowing which will fall—Captain Amaron and his Ten Scouts, Zelph the White Lamanite, or Anathoth the Ishmaelite General, agonizingly loyal to the despised King of Tullan—all must face the chillingly evil Gadianton Master Akish-Antum and his numerous followers.

Witness the plans of mighty kings and lowly thieves. See the dreams of Bethia, a prophet’s daughter, as she runs away from home seeking independence, only to find confusion and wickedness in a land of war.

Heroes of the Fallen is filled with tragedy and triumph. It echoes universal themes of mankind: fear and courage, faith versus doubt, hunger for power and love, and sacrifice for the greater good. Intensely researched for reality and fantastically dreamt up for imagination, Heroes of the Fallen is a literary work of art, presenting revolutionary viewpoints in a cross-genre’s ancient American landscape.

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  1. I love stories that are set in the book of mormon time period they are so exciting.

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