The Bishop’s Bride: The Honeymoon’s Over by Elizabeth W. Watkins

Title: The Bishop’s Bride: The Honeymoon’s Over

Author: Elizabeth W. Watkins

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: April, 2010


Size: 208 pages, 6×9

Genre: General (?)

Series: The Bishop’s Bride (v.1)

Andrew McCammon is preoccupied as he drives home from his honeymoon with his brand-new wife, Jeanette. He’s not getting any younger, and carrying his bride across the threshold means managing a tricky storm door—not to mention some tender memories of his first wife, Susan. But as he pulls into the dark driveway, Andrew is yanked from his reverie: the headlights show Police Chief Riley pounding on the front door, frantic to report an emergency to the soon-to-be-sustained bishop.

The honeymoon is officially over as Andrew scrambles to staff the recently combined ward and juggle the compelling needs of its members, as well as his fledgling marriage. While Jeanette struggles to fill Susan’s shoes, the bishop’s ears and heart grow heavy with ward confidences (including the confessions of an investigator who can’t be baptized until he quits smoking and organized crime). Plans for a son’s dream wedding come crashing down due to a disturbing family history discovery, and Jeanette must unravel a delicate generational mystery even as she seeks a firm foothold into the future.

With warmth and humor, this delightful sequel to The Bishop’s Bride explores the challenges and rewards of loving those who share our homes as well as those who share our faith— and provides a comforting, convincing reminder of who’s truly in charge of our personal pathways and our treasured family ties.

3 thoughts on “The Bishop’s Bride: The Honeymoon’s Over by Elizabeth W. Watkins”

  1. I read the first one and loved it! This one is bound to be just as exciting and thrilling.

  2. I hope this is as funny as the first book. You just don't think about a bishop having a life like everyone else!

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