The Blade of Shattered Hope by James Dashner

Title: The 13th Reality: The Blade of Shattered Hope

Author: James Dashner

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: April 7, 2010

ISBN: 978-1606412398

Size: 432 pages, hardcover

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Series: The Journal of Curious Letters (v1); The Hunt for Dark Infinity (v2)

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Things have changed for Atticus Higginbottom.

After the near catastrophe in the Fourth Reality, Tick’s being homeschooled in the fields of science, trying to master the mysterious Chi’karda. But just as he begins to make progress, Mistress Jane reappears, now hideously scarred and much more powerful. She has tapped into the universe’s darkest secret to create the Blade of Shattered Hope, and in her quest to attain a Utopian Reality for the future of mankind, she’s ready to risk billions of lives—including those of Tick’s parents and sisters—to set her plan in motion. Her vengeance knows no bounds.

When rumors begin to circulate about the secret scientific experiments taking place at the Factory, Tick and his friends Sato, Sofia, and Paul are faced with their most dangerous task yet. And they must not fail; the entire universe could cease to exist.

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  1. The previous book were good. I don't doubt this one will be a wonderful addition to the series.

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