False Pretenses by Carole Thayne Warburton

Title: False Pretenses

Author: Carole Thayne Warburton

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: May 17, 2010

ISBN: 978-1452837857

Size: 366 pages, 6×9, paperback

Genre: General

Sunny Day hasn’t been to church or had a church calling in over twenty-one years, and now Jack “Mormon” Heath is asking her to be Relief Society president of their small branch. It would take a miracle to make her worthy. And right now that is just what is needed, because a stranger’s life desperately depends on her.

Meanwhile, Kelli Carson has tried to bury her deep feelings of guilt by living in a fundamentalist community. Now she has been chosen to marry a man she can never love, and who is already married to another. She knows she must escape–and take her new friend Mary Rachel with her. But where can they run?