A Time to Die by Jeffrey S. Savage

Title: A Time to Die

Author: Jeffrey S. Savage

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: June 1, 2010

ISBN: 978-1598116236

Size: 254 pages, 6×9, hardback

Genre: Mystery

Series: Shandra Covington Mysteries—Dead on Arrival (#1), House of Secrets (#2)

When reporter Shandra Covington finds her best friend, Bobby Richter, close to death on Shandra’s apartment floor, she knows the bullet was meant for her. Making matters worse, Bobby’s fiancée is making sure Shandra gets nowhere near the hospital room where Bobby lies in a coma. With her apartment in shambles and possibly still dangerous, Shandra is forced to stay with her tough-as-nails Harley-riding private investigator friend.

In an attempt to clear her mind, Shandra agrees to do a newspaper story on the death of a prominent politician’s daughter. But what she thought was a simple overdose story soon grows into something much more sinister when she finds a common thread with the recent deaths of several young women — all thought to be overdose victims.

What do the clues mean? The only person who knows for sure is the Time Keeper — a self-proclaimed true romantic who devotedly tapes a picture of each new love to the bedside wall of his ailing sister. However, the pictures are obituaries spreading across the wall like macabre wallpaper. Time to unravel the mystery is quickly ticking away as Bobby’s life hangs by a thread — and the next “girlfriend” on the Time Keeper’s list is Shandra.