Although some publishers also act as distributors for smaller presses and self-publishers, there are two nice-sized distributors that service the LDS market.

Brigham Distributing carries a lot of books by smaller presses, like Valor Publishing Group, Walnut Springs, Windhaven Publishing and others.

Sounds of Zion distributes a variety of audio, games, music, jewelry, stickers, books and more.

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3 thoughts on “Distributors”

  1. Do you know why Brigham Distributing is listed as the publisher on Amazon for the books it distributes? For example, Donna Hatch's book The Queen in Exile has Brigham Distributing instead of Walnut Springs as the publisher. And BD doesn't list publishers on their Web site, so sometimes these are harder to track down than they should be.

  2. Marny, I'm not sure about that. I know that Brigham Dist actually distributes them through Amazon.

    I also know that sometimes there can be an issue based on who supplied the ISBN #. I bought a number from a publisher for the Stolen Christmas book and it shows them as the publisher on Amazon.

    I agree, though. It does make it hard to find info on books for the LDS Fiction blog.

    ??? Anyone else know?

  3. It's weird too that some other Internet bookstores list the publisher correctly and some list BD as the publisher. You'd think that if it is based on the ISBN that everyone would list it the same way.

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