The Bridge by Stacy Averett

Title: The Bridge

Author: Stacy Averett

Publisher: Granite

Release Date: August 3, 2010

ISBN: 978-1599360621

Size: 348 pages, 6×9, paperback

Genre: General

After chasing butterflies and a myriad of other creatures on their small Fallon Nevada farm, Lilly Stone found her mother’s philosophy of reincarnation more frustrating than comforting as she searched for her beloved grandfather’s new life form. Just when Lilly is about to give in to the loss of her grandfather, a local LDS boy (Cody James) unexpectedly steps into Lilly’s life bringing with him an enduring friendship as well as hope in the miraculous possibilities of life beyond death.

However, as Lilly grows into a young woman, death once again visits the Stone’s home challenging not only Lilly, but both the Stone and James families. As the two families struggle with the conflict between their past beliefs and their present fears, they must lean on one another for strength and courage. Can Lilly and Cody find a way to cope with the dark chasm that lies between hope and doubt? Will their friendship and faith see them through? Will the love of their two families be able to build the necessary bridge that will ultimately span the gulf that has abruptly separated them? The Bridge is a poignant tale that is sure to inspire and comfort the human heart by reminding it of the miracles that accompany life and death and at the same time reassuring it of the unconquerable power of Love, Faith, and Family.