Chest of Souls by Michelle Erickson

Title: Chest of Souls (Book 1)

Author: M. Erickson


Release Date: October 18, 2010

ISBN: 978-0557680023

Size: 334 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: YA Speculative

When do you tell children they are destined to bring down the wickedest city in the world? That they’ve been hunted their entire lives by the very evil they must destroy? And when they finally meet that evil, they may not win?

You don’t.

Brenna is safe because she’s oblivious to everything but Talon. She doesn’t know that her mother is Hi-Sha of Eyes, or that her father was an assassin and he’s supposed to be dead. She doesn’t even know her pet is the Queen of all Shee’s.

Talon felt safe until he met Brenna. Once he is ordered to protect her, he’s had to fight monsters he never knew existed, run away from an assassin, and escape a forest full of carnivores. His father burned down their cottage and left him with people he just met and he isn’t sure who to trust.

In the meantime the Chest of Souls waits to be powered and neither child can guess the price.